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Iblacklike to arrive early at my client meetings. It’s important for me to find a space where we can talk freely and not have to yell over other patrons in the room. A few weeks ago, I had arranged to meet with some prospective clients at a local coffee shop and I arrived early to find a great table. I found a prime nook at the back of the shop, grabbed two other chairs and waited patiently for my clients to arrive. I laid out my information packet, pulled up useful webpages on my iPad, and settled in to few peaceful minutes with my Pinterest App.

A few minutes later, a well-dressed woman approached my table and asked if the space beside me was taken. I looked over at the tiny space beside me, and then back at her to make sure I understood her question. Feeling a little protective over our little space, I quickly replied that I was waiting for two friends to arrive, but (hesitantly) suggested there might be space for one person on the bench beside me…In reality, the space could probably have squeezed one or two more people, but the close proximity would definitely have made us all feel awkward and I wanted to do what was best for my clients. She mentioned that she needed a table for 3 and we both smiled as she walked away. Phew; crisis averted! I continued to wait. A few minutes later, I was greeted by a friendly, smiling face and a big wave that let me know that my groom had arrived. We casually made our introductions and I looked behind him to meet his finance…but there was no sign of her…“You’ve actually already met”, he laughed, as he gestured to the other side of the room…”she came over here a few minutes ago and asked to sit beside you!”….I was mortified! Let me tell you, I must have looked ridiculous in that moment, like a deer caught in headlights and my jaw hanging right down to the floor. After recovering from this initial shock, I felt a wave of relief that my instincts to protect my clients’ perfect table didn’t come out in full force when the nicely-dressed woman first approached our table. We laughed about it a few minutes later when the bride came back to that side of the room, and we instantly hit it off. It’s funny to think that such an embarrassing blunder could turn into something positive and actually help break the ice between strangers.

I’m happy to say that the rest of the meeting with Arun and Carolina went amazingly well, and I’ll be photographing their wedding this coming June!


I just love a happy ending!

Your table hoarder,

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