Bellwood Conservation Wedding

Iblackt was at a brunch in Dubai that Cassandra first caught James’s attention. Her radiant smile and electrifying personality was enough to make any man turn their head, but James took a special interest in her that day. Cassandra wasn’t an easy catch, and it took some time for her to warm to the idea of James. With caring persistence and a lot of patience, James finally convinced Cassandra to give him a chance. Their friendship and love bloomed quickly over the next few months, and within 9 months of dating, James knew he wanted to marry Cassandra. While scuba diving off the coast of Oman, with a ring tucked carefully in a homemade seashell case, James summoned the courage to propose. Sometime through this epic underwater marriage proposal however, James ended up surfacing too early, and a confused Cassandra followed him to the surface. It was then that James produced his homemade seashell case and proposed marriage. As Cassandra looked upon the man in front of her, with his contagious grin and kind nature, she said yes, knowing she’d found her perfect match.

True to their relaxed, and easygoing personalities, Cassandra and James were wed on a small campground hillside, surrounded by friends and family. The wedding was a true family affair, with family and friends flying in from all over world. Even the bride and groom flew in from London, UK! Lawn games and a live band kept the atmosphere light and entertaining for the whole afternoon and personalized touches surrounded the venue.

As the sun began to set, Cassandra and James snuck away for a few private minutes together by the pond. The sunlight poured through the trees like warm butter, and produced the most stunning light for portraits.

Cassandra and James, thank you for bringing a little bit more love to Ontario! It was an honour to document your first day as husband and wife, and I had the best time spending it with your friends and family who love and support you.

All the best in your journey together,

Many thanks to the following for their contributions to Cassandra + James’s wedding:
Ceremony and Reception Venue: Bellwood Conservation Area (Hampton Barn)
Band: Toronto Jazz Collective
Caterers: Pig Out Roasters
Wedding Officiant: Jim Giles of Enduring Promises
Photographer: Amy Pinder Photography

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