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5 Tips for ‘Getting-Ready’ Photos in a Hotel Room

So you’re planning on getting ready in a hotel on the morning of your wedding, eh?

Fun!! There’s just something so luxurious about staying in a hotel, and I’m excited for you!! Whether your hotel room is an ancient chateau in the heart of downtown, or a skyscraper overlooking a golf course, the same 5 tips for photos at hotel prep will apply!

Read along, on today’s The Friday Five for tips for brides on the morning of their wedding!

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Suitcases, shoes, empty Starbucks cups, food wrappers…they aren’t cute in photos (…except for when bridesmaids toast their Starbucks cups in floral robes!! Now that’s cute)!! Try to keep your bags in the closet and contact room service to take away any used trays and plates from the room before photography coverage begins.


When it comes to finding somewhere to hang the dress for photos, hotel rooms are notoriously tricky: natural light is often limited and places to hook the dress are few and far between. BUT! If you happen to have one of those handy won’t-ruin-the-walls Command Strips on hand, our options have now opened up big time!


If you know which room you’ll be staying in, consider letting your photographer know soon after check-in. But, if that’s not possible, then no worries at all! Your photographer and other vendors can easily ask at the front desk; they’ll call up to your room, where you can tell us the room number.


Is someone in the wedding party or a family member staying in the same hotel? Consider having groom prep in the same hotel as bride prep. That way your photographer can go back and forth easily between the two rooms!


Remember this post, about 5 things to look for in a getting ready room? Well, those same rules apply for hotel prep! Whenever possible, ask to get ready in a hotel room that has lots of natural light, and enough room for you and all your entourage: your bridesmaids, MOB, MOG, makeup artists, hair stylists, photographer, videographer, etc. Whenever possible, aim to have your hair and makeup done near a window, so we can grab a few photos of you getting your glam on during bride prep!

Brides!! – I hope these tips 5 tips for photos at hotel prep have been super helpful!! Did you learn anything today? Have your own burning question that you want answered on The Friday Five? Comment below or write to me at!

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