The Friday Five

We got a wedding invitation in the mail this week. I was SO excited that we could actually attend this wedding as guests (*very rare for a wedding photographer*) that I put my pen to paper and started signing “Mrs. Amy Sturgeon” on the dotted line next to 'Accepts with Pleasure!’. It was only after
This is a bit of a different post for me, as it's written for future brides, rather than a post for brides. This is the story of how we learned to efficiently design a custom engagement ring!...unfortunately, it took us two rings - and several thousand dollars - to get there..but don't worry, this story has a very happy ending! *Spoiler alert* here
As you read this post, I'm likely thinking about all the last-minute wedding planning we have yet to get done before our big day (129 days...and counting). Being that we're less than 5 months away from our wedding day, I've suddenly begun to feel the pressure from vendors to see our 'wedding day timeline' and to confirm
Grooms...This one's for you! It's the day of your wedding and you have an hour before you see your bride for the first time. You're just about to get into your suit, when you realize it was creased in the car on your way over...your boutonnières have also just arrived and your groomsmen aren't sure how
elcome to the second instalment of 'Wisdom Wednesdays': my time to spread a little knowledge to brides through my own personal experiences as a wedding photographer + bride. If you haven't heard, I'm getting married this August, which means that at this very moment I'm wrapped up in all the excitement, challenges and emotions that come with
I always pictured wedding dress shopping to be like what we see on TV...You know, a friendly consultant who asks about your relationship, an entourage of women with a scoring system to rank your look, and that moment where you pop in a veil and say 'yes to the dress!'. As I soon found out,