Downtown photoshoot in formal maternity wear and a suit Have you ever seen more glamorous maternity photos than these of Cindy and JM in downtown Ottawa?? I absolutely adore these two people, and everything at this shoot - from the fashion, to the setting, to the smiles on their faces - just felt so inexplicably
Lifestyle photos at home in Orleans, Ontario These lifestyle photos at home with this little Orleans newborn make my heart sing!!! Not only do they showcase the love between a toddler and his new baby brother (that alone would do it!!), but they're photos of a family who I've come to adore through my years
Rockcliffe Pavillion maternity photos with fall colours Joanna and Martin's Rockcliffe maternity photos couldn't have been schedule for a more perfect fall day! This was a session that I look back on with such great memories, for the light, the heat (more on this below!) and the sheer number of times I laughed out loud
Outdoor maternity photos in Ottawa with fall colours Fall colours are at their peak right now in Canada's capital, which offered the perfect backdrop for Meagan and Joey's Ottawa Arboretum maternity photos!! 2020 has been a crazy year...we all know that...but if there's one thing I can't quite wrap my head around it's the experience
In-home newborn photos with a toddler These newborn baby photos with this family of four make my heart so happy!!! I first met Wendy and her family at their maternity photos at Remic Rapids, and have been looking forward to meeting their newborn baby ever since! It was so precious to see their toddler interact
In-home newborn photos with a 3-month old baby The first few weeks of parenthood mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people: the highest of highs; the lowest of lows; the sleepless nights; and those moments in between that you wouldn't trade for the world...oh, and if you're Adele and Matt,
Newborn baby girl lifestyle photos at home When Amanda reached out to me during her pregnancy about taking photos of her newborn baby girl this summer, I had a sudden moment of shock as I realized that Amanda - as in, a friend's younger sister Amanda - would be having a baby!! Time seems to be
Waterfront maternity photos in Ottawa For those considering a waterfront maternity session, look no further than Remic Rapics! Its central location and proximity to the Sir John A Macdonald Parkway makes it a sinch to get to, and once you're there, the views are spectacular! Parliament to the right, sunset to the left, and lots