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5 New Reasons to Love Being an Amy Pinder Bride!

It’s a new year!! Happy 2018!! I thought we’d start the first instalment of 2018 ‘The Friday Five series with some updates for 2018 & future Amy Pinder Brides!!

These are all surprises that I’ve been dying to share with you, and I can’t wait for you to see all the new tips and tools I’ll be bringing to wedding season in 2018-2019!!

Five reasons to love being an Amy Pinder Bride


Ohh, new web designs; it feels as great as walking into a newly renovated living room; fresh, modern furnishings, organization and a space that feels like ‘you’! I want people who know who I am from the minute they come to my page, but if we’re being honest, being so vulnerable online is terrifying!…but I stand by the fact that your photographer shouldn’t be a stranger when they show up on your wedding day; I love getting to know my couples, and I hope this new design helps my couples get to know me too!


I’ve tried a couple different systems to help manage timing on a wedding day: regularly checking a printed timeline; setting reminders on my phone; programming a Fitbit watch with ‘alarms’ to signal different events on a wedding day, and those were all alright. Just alright.

This year, we took the leap and invested in an Apple Watch. It’s my hope that the watch will act like a little ‘day-of wedding coordinator’, who tells us when to move from one event to the next. For example, if I know that the bride should start getting dressed at 1:30pm, an alarm will buzz on my wrist to let me know it’s time to move on to this next event in the timeline.

Now, as I mentioned, I have used other systems in the past to do something similar, but there’s been a massive flaw in each system. If I get enough interest, I’ll write a full post of my experience with the Apple Watch after it’s been tested through a couple weddings. So far I love it, and I think it’s going to be an awesome addition to the 2018 wedding season!!


I used to walk into a bride’s getting-ready room and PRAY that the room had what I needed to take great detail shots: diffused natural light and neutral/white surfaces. Nerves were high when I’d realize there was nowhere to hang the dress, that the patterned carpets clashed with the invites, and that the only neutral surface was in the corner of a dark room. I learned to make the best of a tough situation (white hotel pillow cases have saved me countless times), but I soon realized that I couldn’t expect ideal conditions in every room I walked in to.

So, I built a ‘wedding day styling kit’! I’ll write a post on exactly what’s included in my ‘styling kit’ in an upcoming Friday Five, but some new additions include: 5 velvet Mrs. Boxes, 2 rolls of hand-dyed silk from La Fabère, vintage stamps, neutral linens, and a pack of command strips, which will come with me to every 2018-2019 wedding.


I am a huge believer in the idea that you should print your wedding photos!.. So this year, I’m offering another alternative to wedding albums that I think you’re going to love: Wooden Photo Boxes!

I love them for a couple reasons: first, they come with 50 of your favourite prints, plus a USB key with all the photos from your wedding day; secondly, we can emboss anything on the box (from your names, to your wedding day hashtag, or even – if you have one – with your custom wedding monogram)!; and lastly it gets the photos off the computer and into your hands. It’s another way to back up your photos, but also to really appreciate them and have them easily accessible!


I receive a lot of questions from couples..but there’s two questions I get more than any other: 1) How many hours of coverage do we need, and 2) Can you help us build our wedding day timeline?

So, I designed a new system to help answer these questions, and I think you’re going to love it! Whether you’re an Amy Pinder Bride, or just someone looking for advice on how to build a wedding day timeline I think you’re going to love The Timeline Template. Want to design your photography timeline in under 15 minutes? Go get your free Template here!

The Timeline Template - how to plan wedding day timeline

So future brides! Exciting things are coming your way! Here’s to planning easy timelines, to staying on track on the wedding day, and to showcasing your gorgeous details on the morning of your wedding!

Can we fast forward to wedding season now, plzzzz? I absolutely can’t wait!!

xo, A

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