The Winter Blues

Cblackhristmas. It’s all you can hear, see and smell for two months leading up to the day, and for weeks you’re left with feelings of anticipation. There’s a huge lead up to the day and then slowly, and then all at once (like love in a John Green novel) Christmas is over. It’s no secret how much I love this season and I’m always a little blue after packing up the decorations and tossing the tree to the curb. I’m convinced that Christmas gets a little better every year (especially now that I have young nephews) and this year was no different. As I looked through the images from our ‘toy photoshoot’ (my nephews insisted I take a picture of every new toy car Santa had brought for them), which hilariously interrupted the yearly ‘nephews-in-front-of-the-tree photoshoot’, it brought me right back to that moment and how much fun we had. That’s the beauty of photography. That’s the inspiration that keeps me in love with what I do. If I can have this much fun looking at images from Christmas morning, I can only imagine how excited a bride must be to relive their wedding day though imagery, days, weeks or even years after they’ve walked down the aisle. I am so fortunate to be able to provide that experience to couples and I can’t wait to offer that to my clients in 2015!

Here’s a snippet from our photoshoot that’s still making me laugh out loud…Santa’s got a sweet taste in cars.

Much love,

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