The Day my Kitten Grew Up

Mblackarch; ahh that sweet time of year when Spring pokes its head out and we all get a bit of relief from winter. It’s that warm reassurance that makes Spring my favourite season, even with the promise of slush and rain in the forecast…(Nothing tall rain boots can’t fix!)…I’m also highly biased of course, because my birthday falls in March, and coincidentally, so does my favourite little man’s…

To us, Hubbell is a little miracle who landed on our door step one summer day when we least expected it…Literally, I opened the front door to our house and saw a little stray kitten sitting on our stoop. Today, it’s hard to imagine our lives without him, and I feel so lucky to have him here to greet us when we wake up in the morning and get home from work.

It’s a little bittersweet to be celebrating Hubbell’s birthday today, because that means my little kitten is now officially a cat (they grow up so fast!). At the same time of course, it makes us so happy to see him healthy and safe, and we had a ton of fun spoiling him with new toys and treats today.

Happy birthday Hubbell, and thanks for being such an awesome kitty who lets me dress you up in party hats.

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