The Past 48h

Tblackhe past 48 hours have been a whirlwind experience that I now describe as a blur. When I woke up this morning, I had to check myself to see if it was real and to my relief, the evidence of the previous day’s event was still firmly where I left it. If I don’t write it all down now, I know I’ll forget, so here’s my story of the last 48 hours:

  • I looked out the window and waved Shaun off to work. The pigeons were on the porch again and Hubbell stalked them from the bedroom window.
  • I spent an hour at the printer making the perfect ‘welcome package’ for ‘Chantal and Chase’.
  • I did my hair and makeup, but skipped my nails because there was no time…I had a client meeting in an hour and I wanted to get there early.
  • I parked 2km away from Second Cup to save $5 on parking…yah, I’m that cheap.
  • I waited at Second Cup for an hour to meet ‘Chantal and Chase’.
  • I finished Part I of ‘Go Set a Watchman’; Harper Lee’s sequel to ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’. Swoon.
  • I met Andrew Van Beek.
  • I found a quarter in the woods! Quarters are the new lucky penny.
  • I found out my boyfriend fiancé is a very good liar…

Yes…Shaun proposed!!

It was romantic, confusing, exciting, and spellbinding all at the same time. I think my reaction to the whole thing was one of shock and pure bliss. I am so eternally thankful to Andrew Van Beek for being there to document our moment. The whole experience was so surreal, and it’s incredible to be able to look back now with a clear mind and relive the moment all over again.

So this is how the story goes…

A few weeks ago, I got an e-mail from the lovely couple, Chantal and Chase. They were of course my ideal client – no surprise there – and I was available on their wedding date – again, looking back, not at all surprising…Why? Because Chantal and Chase didn’t exist…it was Shaun, and I fell for it hook, line and sinker…

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 1.00.09 PM

…the little bugger!

I was sitting in Second Cup with my book and my computer, and I had my ‘Welcome Package’ all laid out on the table. When I looked up – instead of meeting Chantal and Chase – Shaun was standing in front of me, with a long stemmed rose and smile from ear-to-ear.

We packed up my bag and walked down to the Corktown Bridge, which overlooks the Parliament Buildings.


The bridge crosses over the Rideau Canal and is covered in love locks.


Wouldn’t you know it, Shaun had another surprise…

He engraved our own lock to add to the bridge.

On it, it read: ‘Shaun & Amy, August 12, 2015’….’She Said Yes!’


…and of course, I did!


He got down on one knee and proposed right there on the bridge. He opened the ring box, and in it, was an oval gemstone ring with a single halo of diamonds. It is stunning!


After the proposal, we drove home, I quickly did my nails, we went for dinner and a show (Spiegelworld’s Emire), and of course, we picked up a pinecone to add to our collection to hang at Christmas time.


The day, the moment, the surprise was honestly perfect, as he knew it would be. As I look through the pictures of his proposal, I’m filled with memories that can never be recreated and I will cherish them forever. Thank you Andrew, thank you, thank you, thank you! You can see the pictures here. I’m still gushing over them.

Thank you to everyone who has sent us your warm wishes, and I cannot wait for this next step of our lives together!


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  1. Anne & Chris (aka Amy’s Mum & Dad) Reply

    Congratulations! You were made for each other and we’re both thrilled to see your commitment to spending the rest of your lives together is now official. Excellent decision. We love you so much we can’t stop smiling and every few minutes one of us finds a way of bringing your engagement up in our conversation. Amy and Shaun rock!

  2. Chris & Shelley (Shaun's parents ) Reply

    Well, now we can officially welcome Amy into our family and we couldn’t be happier to do so. Right from the start the two of you have been a perfect match. You’re the kind of couple that finish each others sentences and just love being together. We look forward to the next part of your lives together. Love Dad and Mom.

  3. Caroline Litchfield (Auntie Caroline, Steve & Bren) Reply

    Hi Amy and Shaun, big congratulations from us all in England, how very romantic, we wish you every happiness for your future together – big hugs & x x x

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