The Predicted Surprise

Tblackhe day started off like most Thursdays. Shaun woke up first and quietly made breakfast in the kitchen, while I lay in bed waiting to hear the morning news on the radio. Hubbell lay beside me on Shaun’s side of the bed, still warm from the night’s sleep. Work that day was quiet but productive, and at the end of the day I was happy to see Shaun pull up in his car to pick me up….but as soon as I saw him, I knew something was different…

For weeks Shaun had been anticipating a phone call that would forever change our lives; a phone call for a job offer in Ottawa. About 10 months ago Shaun began the very long application process to become an employee with Statistics Canada. While I had complete faith that he was the right candidate for the job, we couldn’t help but be nervous when weeks went by without news. It didn’t help that Shaun’s phone (which does not have call display), had been showing missed calls for weeks, and we were slowly losing hope that we would ever hear from the Ottawa employers. Even though we knew that a serious employer would leave a message on his machine, we couldn’t help but feel like every missed call was a missed opportunity.

When Shaun greeted me after work that day, he mentioned how he had missed yet another phone call; however, this time, things were different…he missed two calls in a row, but still…no message…”Wouldn’t they leave a message?” we asked, but yet, somehow, this time, everything felt different. The other missed calls had been spontaneous and singular, but this time the caller had phoned twice within minutes, and at a later hour in the day.

It’s hard to describe the feeling in the car as we left the parking lot, but I think we both felt as though change was coming. As rain danced across our windshield, we drove in silence, the air still electric from the uncertainty of the call. We decided to take a quick stop into Canadian Tire on our way home, still contemplating the call as we pulled into an available parking spot. When stationary, Shaun reached down to pick up his phone. He looked at me, and quietly announced “I have a voice mail…”. I can’t explain how I was so certain, but as we sat there in the car, listening to the sound of the rain on the roof, tears began to flood my eyes. He called his inbox and set the sound to speakerphone. I closed my eyes and we both sat anxiously waiting to hear the sound of an authoritative figure on the other end; and there it was…the job offer we had been longing for for months…We couldn’t believe it…It felt so surreal, yet somehow we knew the news was coming. We cried. We laughed. We kissed. We were overwhelmed. Our dreams were finally coming to fruition, in this real, tangible moment.

We walked into Canadian Tire, laughing and skipping like school children, and for once in my life I had no reservations about standing in the middle of a store and kissing my much deserving boyfriend. I was so proud of him in that moment that I didn’t care who disapproved of our PDA, and I’ve never felt truly happier than I did in that moment.

So it’s official! Come August we will be moving to Ottawa and we couldn’t be more excited!

Your Ottawan,

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