Welcome to the World Baby Mason!

Tblackoday is your due date and we’ve been expecting you! For months we’ve been counting down to the this day with anticipation of your arrival. 9-months to be exact. You surprised us by coming in to the world early on September 19th – your grandparents’ wedding anniversary, you clever boy – and I loved you from the minute I heard we had another nephew on the way.

We came to see you at the Ottawa General Hospital, where you were sleeping soundly on your Mummy’s lap.


Your daddy said you were such a good baby and slept through a lot of the night.


The doctor came in to check in on you. You passed with all the bells and whistles.


And your daddy kept track, just to make sure.


When we walked outside in the hall, you opened your eyes for the first time since we’d arrived and looked around.


Grandma was so proud!


I wasn’t able to meet your brothers in the hospital after they were born, so this moment was incredibly special to me.


You stuck your tongue out at Grandad…cheeky monkey…and you wiggled your arms when Shaun held you.


We watched over your brothers that night while you stayed overnight in the hospital. I told them you were the length of Daddy’s arm. They couldn’t believe you were that small, and they were so excited to meet you.


So welcome to the world little Mason. You’re part of our family now and we welcome you with open arms. I look forward to seeing you grow up with your brothers and knowing that one day you will see these pictures and understand how special it was to finally meet you.

We love you,

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  1. Anne & Chris (aka Amy’s Mum & Dad) Reply

    Absolutely beautiful photos to debut an amazing young life. What a joy and and a miracle Mason is. I took one look at that little face and fell instantly in love with him. :) Welcome to our family <3

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