3-month old newborn photos in Ottawa

baby girl wears pink bow and looks at the camera in bedroom newborn shoot

In-home newborn photos with a 3-month old baby

The first few weeks of parenthood mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people: the highest of highs; the lowest of lows; the sleepless nights; and those moments in between that you wouldn’t trade for the world…oh, and if you’re Adele and Matt, playing the Moana theme song (baby Gemma’s ‘favourite song’), on loop, all day, every day..! haha…even as I look back through these photos now, I can hear the words to ‘how far I’ll go chiming through my head. And yes – if you know the intro to the song I’m referencing –  I mean literal chimes…

This little reunion with Adele and Matt is so special to me! I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, the friendships I build with my clients is my absolute favourite part of being a wedding and motherhood photographer. Having photographed Adele and Matt’s Hilton Garden Inn wedding in 2018, and also playing volleyball with Adele a couple times since that day, it was so fun to join up with them again for their newborn photos with their 3-month old baby! Gemma is such a sweetie, and so strong (you’ll see so much neck control in her already, as you scroll through these newborn photos)!! A little volleyball player in the making, if you ask me!! :D Enjoy!

Standing in a modern kitchen at bedroom newborn shoot
Sitting on the bed in bedroom newborn shoot
Nursery photos with rainbow
Bedroom newborn shoot in black and white
Couple holds baby in bedroom newborn shoot
Baby looks at camera at 3 months bedroom newborn shoot
Dog joins in at bedroom newborn shoot
Mom sits in rocking chair with baby girl
Parents hold baby in nursery at bedroom newborn shoot
Couple lies down on the bed in bedroom newborn shoot
Parents cuddle baby in rainbow swaddle
Mom holds baby girl in bedroom newborn shoot
Lying on the bed in bedroom newborn shoot
Baby sleeps in rainbow swaddle at bedroom newborn shoot
Dad changes baby diaper in bedroom newborn shoot
baby does tummy time at 3-months
Baby looks at camera while mom kisses head at bedroom newborn shoot
Baby looks in the mirror bedroom newborn shoot
Bedroom newborn shoot in Ottawa
Holding baby in the kitchen at bedroom newborn shoot
Parents in their new kitchen at bedroom newborn shoot
Parents hold baby girl in bedroom newborn shoot

If you’re interested in booking an Ottawa maternity session, newborn session or birth photography – or know someone who is – please get in touch! I’d love to talk more about documenting this chapter of motherhood!

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