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5 Details to Set Aside for Groom Prep

If you’ve been following ‘The Friday Five‘ series, you might remember this post from May, about 5 Details to Set Aside for Bride Prep! Well grooms, it’s your turn!

It only seems fair that the guys should get their own list to help prep for the morning of celebrations, right??…

…cause if we’re being real honest, most guys have no idea what is expected of them on the morning of their wedding (…and that’s okay!! This is normal!). Not only that, but knowing that your man is well prepared for the morning will probably also help you (the bride) feel more relaxed.

So, friends, I’ve got you’re back! Here’s my list of 5 Details to set aside for Groom Prep, to help you and your man feel ready to take on the day!

Details to set aside for groom prep - The Friday Five - Amy Pinder Photography

1. THE SHOES (and fancy socks).

I’ll begin with ‘the shoes’, because this is the number one thing that is almost never set aside when I walk in the door…

…in fact, they’re usually on the groom’s feet. While I absolutely don’t mind dealing with a warm shoe (…goodness, I can’t believe I’m admitting this!!), depending on the circumstances, it can be totally awkward for a groom to be walking around without shoes on. While these shots are usually quick, I always try to encourage grooms to have a spare set of shoes with them on the morning, and only change in to their good shoes once they’re putting on their final details.


It pains me slightly to show up to groom prep and see that a groom has already put on his tie. Not only is it a great photo op to show a groom fastening his tie, but the tie is usually a great detail to bring in the colours of the wedding! I love getting a few shots of it alongside your other details. Please, please, oh please, wait for your photographer before fastening your tie!


Will you be wearing a watch on your wedding day? Are you carrying any sentimental jewellery or tie clips with you? Set these aside; you can be sure your photographer will want a photo of them!

** And brides, tip for you in here too! If you’re secretly gifting a watch or other piece of jewellery to your groom, consider letting your photographer know privately of this surprise! Think about it; there’s no real sense in us photographing his ‘everyday watch’, if he’ll be wearing the gift you give him down the aisle instead. If we know this in advance, we can concentrate on the other details and save some time for his new watch once it’s been unwrapped! **


While I’d say the majority of my grooms wear the cufflinks that are provided with their tux rentals, other guys might have really elaborate and personalized cufflinks. Either way, these are a fun detail to include and I always encourage guys to set these aside with the other details.


Remember what I said above about the tie being a great way to introduce colour to your details? Well, I like to include your boutonnieres in your detail shots for the exact same reason! They’re a great way to add colour and texture to your images, and I also love to get photos of these florals being pinned.

And on that note, if you have absolutely no idea how to pin a boutonnière (…don’t fret…in fact, few groomsmen actually do) then check out this post in the Friday Five series about 5 Things Every Groom Should Practice Before their Wedding Day! I got your back, friends.

I absolutely can’t wait to celebrate with you and your groomsmen on the morning of your wedding! Remember, that your team of vendors will be around to help with some of these details, but the more you know in advance, the more time we can spend photographing/coordinating/prepping for your day! Best of luck, my friends and see you at groom prep!! x

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