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Bringing a Photographer to your Destination Wedding

So you’re thinking of bringing a photographer with you to your destination wedding, eh?

Cheers to that!! (…and we’re totally a ‘cheersing’ with one of those mini rainbow umbrellas on top, by the way!!)… ;)

You’re doing the research, so I can already tell you’ve got a good head on your shoulders and you’re well on your way to planning a luxury wedding at your dream resort!

The truth of the matter is that when you get married at a destination resort, a photographer will most likely be assigned to you. What this means is you’ll have limited selection on who shows up on your wedding day, and very little contact with them in advance…

…But what if it didn’t have to be this way?

In today’s ‘The Friday Five‘ series, we’re talking about 5 reasons why you should consider bringing a photographer to your destination wedding! As always, leave questions and thoughts below. I’m happy to help! xo


If it’s in any way unclear from what you know so far about me, I am a HUGE believer in the idea that your photography experience should be just as incredible as the photos that are delivered from your wedding day!

I mean this! And not just on the wedding day, but leading up to it too!

I believe that your photographer should be easy to reach through e-mail and social media; be great at offering advice on timelines and details to set aside; be clear about what to expect from them throughout your time together; and be genuinely excited to celebrate with you on your wedding day!


Bringing a photographer with you to your destination wedding not only means you’ll have the freedom to choose the quality and photographic style of your images, but – most importantly – someone you also get along with! Again, this comes down to giving you great peace of mind, and ultimately a fantastic experience.

A huge portion of your day will be spent taking photos. When you envision this time of your day, I want you to be excited and ready for what’s to come!!


I encourage all of my #amypinderbrides to have an engagement session, for a couple of reasons: Not only will we get some awesome professional photos of the two of you in casual clothing, but it’s a great way to build confidence behind the lens! Plus, it’s part of the – you guessed it! – experience, that I hope every couple chooses to enjoy with their photographer!

And on that note, as you’re a destination bride, you have another choice to consider! While all photographers are different, I like to give my clients the freedom to either have their engagement session local to Ottawa, or to postpone their session to the wedding trip and have their engagement session on the beach or in town! This really helps to make the most of our time together down South, and adds to our experience together in advance of your day!


Now this is different for every photographer (…meaning not every photographer will offer this in their Collections!), but one of my favourite things about bringing a destination wedding photographer with you to your wedding is all the travel photos you’ll get as a bonus!

I personally like to include some of the travel photos I’ve taken throughout the resort in my clients’ final gallery, for them to enjoy and include in their wedding album. This is something you won’t get from resort photographers, and is something I think adds to the final gallery!


Booking a photographer from your hometown means that you have more flexibility to choose a photographer with your ideal Collection.

Want full day coverage? An album? An engagement session? A guest book with your engagement photos? More a-la carte options? Collections from resort photographers are often standard and non-flexible, meaning there’s little room for negotiations or add-ons.

With travel photographers on the other hand, you’re more likely to receive extra bonuses as an incentive (and a thank you!!) for bringing them along!

Let this sink in for a minute: you’ll be spending more time with your photographer on your wedding day than almost anyone else that day!!

If you’re someone who values peace of mind and a great experience from someone who will be with you all day, then investing in your destination wedding photographer might be for you! Thoughts? Questions? Let me know, friends!

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