The Friday Five

If you've been following 'The Friday Five' series, you might remember this post from May, about 5 Details to Set Aside for Bride Prep! Well grooms, it's your turn! It only seems fair that the guys should get their own list to help prep for the morning of celebrations, right??... ...cause if we're being real honest, most guys
This week's 'The Friday Five' is all about wedding day reminders! So...what sets this post apart from previous posts in the Friday Five series? Hear this: these 5 things require absolutely NO HOMEWORK. That's right, unlike previous posts, like 5 details to set aside for bride prep or 5 events you should consider including on your wedding
'Bride prep': It's that time on a wedding day when you're sitting back with a mimosa, getting your hair done, and relaxing in your brand new silk dressing gown... ...right? Well, that's the goal anyways! But the truth is, not everyone gets there and some mornings are just plain busier than others. A lot of this will
This week, I saw a question pop up from 'Michelle Y.' in the 'Ottawa Wedding Items for Sale' Facebook page, which had a ton of engagement from past and current brides. Michelle wanted to know 'what she should be doing in her final week of planning, to help prepare for her wedding day'? Well, there was a ton
Oh, hey there, Bridesmaids! This one's for you! You must mean a heck of a lot to her, for her to have chosen you as a member of her bridal party, so fist pump to yah, and let's get down to business! Gone are the days where bridesmaids acted as decoys for jealous suiters and 'evil
It's Spring!!...Which means coffee shops are filled with couples meeting wedding vendors and this whole 'planning thing' is starting to get real!! This post is for you if: + you’ve just begun your search for a wedding photographer… + you’re about to meet a wedding photographer… + you’ve already met a couple photographers, but you’re still unsure of how to