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5 Tips for Bringing a Dog to an Engagement Session

If you’re considering bringing the dog to your engagement session then I’m already giving you a virtual high-five for keeping it real and showing us this true side of yourselves on camera!!

Whether this fur baby came in to your life when you two first moved in together; or played a role in your proposal; or even if you’re celebrating the fact that your man is now a straight up doggy step-dad…there are few things sweeter than involving your pooch in these photos!

The Friday Five series continues today with 5 Tips for Bringing the Dog to your Engagement Session!

Tips for bringing dog to engagement session - the Friday Five - Amy Pinder Photography


If you’re planning for your session to be somewhere doggie friendly (which hopefully, you are!!) then you’re bound to come across other dogs, joggers, bicyclists, or even – like these past Arboretum engagement photos with the dog – something totally unexpected, like a hot air ballon!! If your dog doesn’t handle these things well, then it’s important to anticipate this, and to keep a level head. I’m a super patient photographer and that stuff doesn’t bother me, but be sure to let your photographer know of these things at the start of your session so you can all be on the same page.


Friends and family are always looking to help out with wedding-related tasks, and now is the perfect time to get them involved! Consider asking them to come collect the dog halfway through the session, or – depending on the location – to drop them off midway through. Not only will this give us time for some doggie-free photos, but it will mean fewer distractions (from having to tie and untie them, give them water to drink, stop them from barking, etc.) and most dogs tend to get tired and lose interest halfway through the session anyways.


No explanation needed, right?? A little incentive can go a long way.


Have a cute accessory you want to show off? A coordinating bow tie, an adorable sweater, or a custom sign – like in this Downtown Brockville Engagement Session – are always a good idea! Or play it up even more with a DIY floral wreath for your pup; just be sure the florals and greenery are non-toxic!!


While I absolutely love when couples bring their dog to an engagement session, I prefer at least half the session to be doggie-free. Afterall, this is an engagement session, not a family session (note: how I totally consider dogs to be part of the family…)! If you don’t have a friend who can come collect your pooch halfway through the session (a-la point #2), then having an easy way to secure them to a nearby tree or post is key.

Ohh, dogs! They’re adorable, cuddly and – in spite of being judged for it – I totally consider them to be part of the family. Good on you for brining this side of you to your session, and if I happen to meet your furry friend one day, then there might just be a treat or two waiting for them in my back pocket!

Looking for inspiration for your engagement session with the dog? Check out: this engagement session on the Jack Pine Trail; these Arboretum engagement photos with the dog; or this Downtown Brockville engagement session!!

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