Ottawa Arboretum Engagement Session

Tblackrevor couldn’t shake the thought of her; the blonde from the Ottawa U parking lot. Though they had met for the first time only a few hours earlier, he knew he had to see her again. She was friendly and beautiful, but their chance meeting at the parking lot ‘pay station’ kept their exchange short. For the next few hours, Jessica wandered the stores of a downtown mall with a tinge of regret for not getting his number. He was slowly becoming the distant memory as the charming guy from the parking lot.

As she walked to her car later that afternoon, she was surprised to see him standing there once again. She noticed he had a note in hand – his phone number, as she would later learn – ready to leave on her windshield. The next thing she knew, he was back in his car, but not ready to give up on the chance of getting to know her. As she pulled out of the parking lot behind him, he stopped his car and obstructed the exit. Amusedly, she got out of the car and gave him her number. The rest is history and they’ll be married this October in a day to celebrate chance meetings and caring persistence.


Jessica and Trevor opted to have their engagement session in the Ottawa Arboretum within the Central Experimental Farm.


The Arboretum has so many interesting bridges and paths. You could walk them every day and never tire of the incredible landscape that surrounds them.


These two had no trouble making each other laugh. They were perfectly themselves in front of the camera.


The light was stunning as it shone through the trees, but it’s their connection that makes these images beautiful.


We soaked up the last few hours of August sunlight, knowing the Summer was almost over.


And then the light was this good, so we stopped to take full advantage.


Only a few weeks until their wedding day and this session has me officially excited.

Thank goodness for parking lot ‘pay stations’!


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