Dows Lake Engagement Photos on the Tulip Festival Weekend

Hblacke could feel the ring burning a hole in his pocket. Though he had only bought the ring two days prior, he knew in his heart that he couldn’t wait any longer to propose. In that moment, as he worked up the courage to ask Ana to marry him, she looked like royalty — quite literally! — in a dark gown with gold threads and a crown in her hair. It was Halloween night, and she was dressed as Queen Grimhilde – the evil queen from Snow White, while Cyril channelled his inner sheriff with a plastic badge affixed to his chest. Though their friends lovingly mocked his simple costume, he had bigger plans in store for that night than an elaborate costume. Ana accepted his proposal and they were both shrouded in congratulatory hugs from friends at the party. It was nothing short of a ‘fairy tale’.

I met with Ana and Cyril at the Ottawa Tulip Festival, where we walked the trails along Dow’s Lake and took in the breathtaking displays. The tulips were in full bloom and the smell of fresh flowers followed us throughout our tour around the lake.


Though surrounded by a spectacular landscape, the blossoms didn’t hold a candle to Ana’s beauty.


They told me it would be hard to get Cyril to smile, but it was easy with Ana by his side. She knew just how to bring out his softer side.


The sunlight was beautiful as it diffused through the cherry blossoms. Simple perfection!


I’ll end with this photo of Ana and Cyril, which makes my heart so extraordinarily happy! I had so much fun laughing along with these two and I know great things are in store for their wedding day!


Happy Sunday!


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