Engagement Photos at Carleton University

The first time I met Alison and Jeremy was over a long-distance Skype call from the other side of Southern Ontario. I learned a lot about these two in that short amount of time – from the fact that Jeremy was a farmer, to Alison being a full-time student striving towards a PhD, to the fun fact of them having met at Carleton University…but something else stood out to me that day…in fact, he was hard to miss!!…Bourbon, their 150 pound Saint Bernese dog!!

Bourbon would soon be joined by Kahlua the puppy – another Saint Bernese – and it’s hard to imagine a time where these two cuddly giants weren’t a part of Alison and Jeremy’s life. Naturally, they had to join us for their engagement photos at Carleton University, which – as this is where they first met! – was the perfect backdrop for their Fall engagement photos!

I’m often asked ‘when is the best time to have engagement photos taken?’…well, as it turns out, if you want to take engagement photos at the Carleton U campus, then the Fall reading week is just about the perfect time! We had all of campus to ourselves!

Ohhh, you two!

World, meet Bourbon and Kahlua – the cuddliest Saint Bernese dogs in all of Ottawa!…

…and possibly also the strongest!

Now there’s a family Christmas card, if I ever saw one!!…

Love it!!

Alison! Jer! Thank you for making the trek back to Carleton University for your engagement photos! My favourite part of the whole process was realizing that this was actually the first time we had ever actually met in person!! Through all of our e-mail chats and back-and-forth through Instagram, I had almost completely forgotten! You’ve felt like genuine friends from the moment we first ‘met’ all those months ago and I feel so fortunate to get to be there with you on your wedding day next Summer!! I absolutely can’t wait!!

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