Engagement Photos at the Cottage

Pink engagement outfit at their engagement session at the cottage

A rustic cottage engagement session on a private island.

‘So, Mark has a family cottage…it has no electricity…or running water…and it’s over an hour away by car…oh…and, it’s on a private island…’ – Daron.

…It was music to my ears!!

Despite the obvious challenges we’d have to face for this session – I was adamant to make it happen. You see, anytime couples have an idea or vision for their engagement session that will make it personal and unique to them, I am SO down.

So one Spring afternoon, I hopped in the car with Daron and Mark for a road trip down to the cottage. Off we drove to Smiths Falls, to the family cottage that had been established and cared for by Mark’s family for generations. As we drove, Mark pointed out interesting landmarks and referenced buildings that had changed from the time he was a boy (…*tear*, The Hershey’s Chocolate Factory…) and we reminisced over past memories of their visits up to Loon Island…

The island was a 20 minute boat ride in from the mainland and – as I’d quickly learn – wasn’t just a retreat from the city, it was a second home: arts and crafts from past Summers lined the walls, and trinkets (like rock snails!!) were found along the trails where we walked.

Standing by the water at their engagement session at the cottage

Daron’s engagement ring is a real showstopper. Repurposed from a ring that her dad had once given to her mother, I fell even harder for this gorgeous gemstone engagement ring after learning of its family history.

Green Sapphire at their engagement session at the cottage

Blue skies and happy guys at their engagement session at the cottage

Ohh, you two…

Waterfront property at their engagement session at the cottage

Daron, Mark; thank you so much for inviting me to celebrate your engagement session at the cottage, and for giving me the tour of this incredible family island! It had the cozy feel of a home that only generations of memories can leave behind, and I’m grateful to have visited with you!!

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