100 Steps, Guelph Engagement

Wblackhen two seasoned ultimate frisbee players ask you two shoot their engagement session on a giant 100-step staircase, you can do one of two things: a) panic, and run immediately to the gym to tone up your glutes; or b) relax, and take each moment one step at a time (literally!). When Bri, Andy and I arrived to the ‘100-steps’ in Guelph, Ontario, it was easy to feel guilty about not choosing the former…but as I looked closer, I soon discovered how this location could be a truly intimate and meaningful spot to photograph Bri and Andy’s engagement session. Not only had they trained here in previous years for their University of Guelph varsity Ultimate Frisbee teams, but the staircase provided an outstanding view of the city where these two first met.

The session started at the University of Guelph campus, where Bri and Andy showed off their frisbee talents. It was on a nearby field a few years earlier, that fate took its course and connected these two amazing people through a love of frisbee.

Only these two could look this good while playing frisbee…

Next, we drove to the 100-steps on the other side of town, which proved to be a perfect location for the next part of our shoot. The shading from the trees provided beautiful pockets of light and the background over the train tracks was stunning.

Bri, you are truly beautiful! Inside and out.

One of my favourite things about this couple, was their ability to make each other laugh. Andy’s carefree and relaxed attitude had us cracking up the whole session, and Bri’s laugh kept the atmosphere light and fun. It’s so clear to see why these two are perfect for each other!

I loved spending the evening with these two, and I can’t wait to spend more time with these amazing people this October for their fall wedding.


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