Nepean Point Engagement Session

A Nepean Point engagement session near the National Art Gallery

Ikea furniture; you either love it, or hate it…

Over the years, this do-it-yourself furniture assembly has earned a reputation for putting relationships to the test…but never have I heard of Ikea being credited for starting a brand new one…that is, until I met Jeremy and Deanna!

After assembling his Ikea purchase for the better part of an afternoon, Jeremy decided it was time to put down the Allan key and take a well-deserved break. Off he went to a local pizza restaurant, to grab a slice and unwind. As he sat down at the bar, he realized he’d walked in on a charity event, with every employee in the restaurant dressed as superheroes. Before long, a bartended crowned him with a tiara, which caught the eye of a nearby brunette with a camera…

Deanna, who had been taking pictures of the event, snapped a few candids of Jer in his tiara, which – having noticed Deanna from the minute he sat down – made him strike up a conversation. They talked, exchanged numbers, and the rest is history!

Dea and Jer; I had a blast with you at your Nepean Point engagement session!! If your unique, pear-shaped engagement ring and impeccable fashion sense says anything about the style of decor we’ll see at your wedding, I’m already excited!! See you at Stonefields!! In the meantime, happy planning!! x

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