Orleans Engagement Photos at Home with the Dog

Tblackhey understand each other like few couples do. For them, the struggles that often come with work and home life are transparent and relatable. Not only do they live together, they also commute and work together! Though some couples would tire from spending this much time together, this is the way they prefer it. To have your best friend truly understand the ups and downs of work and home life, is a gift that few couples will ever know.

Carolina and Arun wanted an intimate and relaxed engagement session at a location where they could feel like themselves. I was honoured to be invited into their beautiful home in Orleans and we had a fabulous evening exploring their neighbourhood!


Arun knows his bride so well, that when Carolina picked out her favourite engagement ring from the second store they visited, he knew she couldn’t wait to tell everyone. He proposed shortly after, and like the diamond ring they picked out, Carolina’s smile was radiant while she agreed to marry him.


My favourite element of engagement photography is the ability to incorporate personality and props into a session. Case in point; Panda the dog!


The weather was warm for an early Spring day, so we decided to take a tour of their neighbourhood.


When Carolina laughs you can’t help but smile back!


Saying goodbye to Panda at the end of the session was the hardest part of my day…what a character!


I’m looking forward to documenting their wedding in just a few short weeks! It can’t come soon enough!


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