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Wblackhether you print your images through your photographer, through a big box store, or through an online company, I can’t stress enough how important it is to get your images off the computer and into your hands. Not only does this offer a level of protection for your images (in case your technology fails), but it’s also worth the investment to display your images in a beautiful way.

Being someone who cares deeply about the images I produce for clients, I personally recommend printing your images into a Wedding Album through a respectable and professional printer. I’ve made it my business to find the best company for the job and after months of searching I finally found an album company that could impress me enough to print with them. What I was looking for was:

  • Somewhere with uncompromised quality.
  • Somewhere with lay-flat albums with a seamless gutter.
  • Somewhere affordable.
  • Somewhere Canadian.
  • Somewhere with diverse cover options.
  • Somewhere with fast and reliable delivery.

After months of searching, I stumbled across a Toronto-based company, who not only blew my socks off, they unraveled them and tangled me up in grandma’s yarn.

Introducing, ‘The Wedding Album’:


I was in love with these products from the moment I unboxed my first album. The thick black-core pages and customizable covers give the albums significant weight. This sets them apart from ‘online album companies’ and makes them feel upscale and luxurious.


Every album comes with its own presentation box for safe transportation and dark storage.


Because of the importance of having a physical copy of your images, I now have albums built in to the cost of my wedding Collections. This encourages clients to print their images, but also sells the albums at a discounted rate. Win-win!


Albums come with your choice of leatherette, silk or photo covers. With over 20 choices to choose from, these albums can be easily personalized to reflect the look and feel of your day.


Notice the high-end finish of the black-core pages.


Every album includes embossed text on the front cover. While most couples choose to have their names embossed, this text can be personalized with whichever text you choose.


Unlike some album software, the layout of images is completely customizable. Some clients like to choose which images to include in the album, while others opt to let me choose. Some even want a bit of both!

I personally design the layout of every spread in the album. The design is reviewed by the clients every step of the way and it won’t go to print without their stamp of approval.


Once you’ve said your ‘I-do’s’ and the party is over, you’re left with the promise, the memories and the images. I like to think that the promise is for the bride and groom, the memories are shared with the guests, and the images are for the future. Protect what you have and display it in the best way possible.

If you’re interested in these products, please feel free to contact me or leave any questions below in the comment box.

Much love,

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  1. Hi Amy! I am looking for a new album company & really would like to support a Canadian company. Just wondering which company you are ordering your albums thru?
    Thank you…

    • Hi Jenn! I use GTA Imaging (a Canadian company) for all my professional printing. They are ‘trade only’ (not open to the general public) and their print quality and customer support is exceptional. Feel free to drop me a line at if you have any more questions :)

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