University of Guelph Engagement

Hblacke went to the party to spend time with friends. She arrived late after work and casually introduced herself to guests over beer from the recently tapped keg. When Ricky saw Jane from across the room he was instantly mesmerized by her gentle laugh and her bright hazel eyes. Neither of them were expecting to find love that night, but after spending time together away from the party, they knew they had found something special. They planned their first date for the following week, where they took a romantic canoe ride down the Speed River, and enjoyed some cold ice cream on the riverside. Five years later, Ricky proposed to Jane at the same location where they shared their first kiss, with friends waiting anxiously nearby to hear the news.

I met Jane in our first year of university, where we became instant friends. Together we fought through the hardships of starting a new life away from home, and began a friendship that will last a lifetime. Ricky and I became friends soon after he and Jane started dating, and he will always be my ‘go-to’ man for advice on television and movies.

This past Autumn, Jane and Ricky asked me to be part of their wedding party, and of course I said yes! They’ll be marrying this August in Jane’s childhood backyard, surrounded by their closest friends and family.

The University of Guelph campus was a perfect spot to shoot Jane and Ricky’s engagement, as they had both just spent over 4 years of their education at this institution. The weather held out for most of the afternoon, with only a few puddles to hop along the way.

With the weather still cooperating, we walked over to the University of Guelph Arboretum to take full advantage of the beautiful Autumn leaves. As we walked over, Jane fondly recounted the story of the first time her and Ricky had visited the arboretum. Fortunately for us, this trip would be free of the pesky mosquitos that cut their first visit short.

That ring! (Ricky; good job buddy!)

I truly love you both, and cannot wait to celebrate your marriage in August.

Much love,

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