Waterfront Engagement Photos at the Lake

Golden hour portraits at the waterfront Engagement Photos at the Lake, Amy Pinder Photography, Ottawa wedding photographer

Engagement photos on a private island near Coxvale, ON.

Evan knew that he wanted to propose to Brittney at the cottage and he knew of the perfect place: a private cliffside; with a clearing at the very top; and a view unlike any other. The only problem was the cliffside was rocky, full of underbrush and had no official trail…

If you know Evan and Britt, you know that this would never hold them back. So with a bit of skill, Evan arrived a day early to find a path they could navigate up to his favourite point, and marked the route with sticks.

The following day, he lead Britt up to that point, following his trail of markers along the way. As he guided her up, she grew suddenly concerned for his shaking hands and asked if he was okay. It was unlike Evan to be nervous, but the idea of hiking up a cliffside at the lake was so natural to the two of them that she never once grew suspicious. Little did she know that Evan’s sister was hiding up at the top, with a bottle of Prosecco and a camera, ready to capture and celebrate this perfect moment.

This month, we returned to cottage for their waterfront engagement photos by the lake! Evan drove their boat to a private island nearby, where we were surrounded by calm water, the sounds of nature, and sweet golden sunlight…

…Straight up photobombed by the sun on that last one!! LOVE it!!!

Evan, Britt…where do I even start with my thank you’s?? Thank you for showing me this side of your lives together – the adventure, the joy, the tranquility; thank you for your friendship and your ability to make a 3 hour car ride fly by; thank you for your gentle hearts and your adventurous souls. I simply cannot wait for your Stonefields wedding next May and to celebrate this fierce love of yours!! What a day it will be!!

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