Engagement Photos at Dominion Arboretum with Small Dog

Engagement photos with small dog in the Arboretum.

Kelsey and Kyle looked around the walls of their new apartment and realized it was time to start decorating. As they had just moved in together a few days prior, much of their decor was still packed away in suitcases and it would take some time to find the photos she wanted…

…Kyle had banked on this. You see, he had a plan to propose that night, but he needed a few extra minutes to get everything together…So what did he do? He hid the photos she was looking for!!

As Kelsey’s frustration to find these missing photos increased, Kyle quickly worked to attach a diamond engagement ring to their dog – Yoshi’s – collar. It was no easy task, with the tight coil of Yoshi’s keyring, and Kelsey being only feet away in the next room. Finally, everything was ready…Kyle handed Kelsey a dog treat and suggested she call Yoshi over. She noticed the diamond ring almost right way and through her tears of joy, said a resounding ‘yes!!’ to his proposal.

We celebrated with engagement photos at Dominion Arboretum with their small dog, Yoshi!! It was fun to finally meet this pup, who has travelled across continents with Kelsey and Kyle, from Ottawa, to Manchester, and back to Ottawa again!

When it comes to what to wear to an engagement session, I always recommend ‘dressing like you’re going to the same event’. Kelsey and Kyle had this down with her little black and his pink collared shirt.

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Bringing the dog to your engagement session comes with its own set of challenges. Knowing this, they arranged for a friend to pick Yoshi up halfway through the session and brought plenty of treats to keep him occupied throughout their time together. Can you believe this pup eats carrots!! Too cute!!

Yoshi, throwing the camera some shade…A mighty heart in a tiny body!

Me: ‘…do people kiss their dogs? That could be cute!’
Kelsey: ‘…umm, have you seen his face?…Yes!!’

One of my faves…You guyyys, your smiles are contagious!!

Kelsey and Kyle, the countdown to the wedding is on!! You are the type of couple who brings joy to everyone around you. Seeing you so happy together, makes those around you feel joy, and we couldn’t be more excited for you to officially tie the knot at Jabulani this Summer!! #lastchancetodotheworm  #amypinderbride

xo, Amy

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