Princess Louise Falls Engagement Photos


Princess Louise Falls – it’s one of those gems in Orleans, that is quite literally hidden just meters away from a major road in the city. Few people would stumble upon this waterfall by accident and unless it were pointed out to you, you could quite simply drive past them a hundred times without noticing this natural wonder.

Chris and Rachel’s engagement photos at Princess Louise Falls were unique and an adventure to say the least! Uneven footing, slippery rocks and hilly pathways were tricky for even me, but Rachel was a trooper in her wedge heels! Once finished with Princess Louise Falls photos, we drove up to Mer Bleue to explore another local marvel with these two amazing people!

Boardwalk at Mer Bleue after engagement photos at Princess Louise Falls Orleans

Rachel! Chris! Your wedding day is coming up soon!! Ohh, how the time has flown by!! It feels like only yesterday that we first met at Matt + Katie’s wedding last October, and now it’s your turn!! Bring on the wedding day celebrations!! Can’t wait!! xo, A!

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