A Softball Gender Reveal Meets Engagement Session


A few weeks ago, I grabbed lunch with Krista – one of my 2018 brides –  and Erin – one of my 2016 brides – at a restaurant in Westboro. While we were there – enjoying our beyond delicious vegetarian buffalo cauliflower wraps (can you guess which restaurant we went to??) – I was asked a question out of the blue…

“Amy, do you do maternity photos?”…

Of course, the alarm bells started ringing in my head *okay, okay…which of you is pregnant, spill the beans ladies!!*, but I let the gossip slide and answered the question as best I could…The truth is, I specialize in weddings and tend to only accept non-wedding bookings on a referral basis from friends and clients. We kind of let the matter slide and before I knew it, all my suspicions and curiosity was taken over by great food and even better company!

…That was, until I got the most exciting e-mail from Krista and Tyler a few weeks later!! “We have some great and crazy news…WE ARE PREGNANT”!!

I just about fell off my chair! It was the BEST news, and our conversation at Pure Kitchen a few weeks earlier all came flooding back! *ahh, so THAT’S why they asked!!* ;)

And so, we began planning their softball gender reveal at Britannia Beach!!

Given Tyler’s love for baseball, the idea of a using a softball gender reveal ball to announce the sex of their baby was beyond perfect! Inside the softball was either pink or blue powder, which would explode into a cloud of colour after being hit.

We started the session off at Britannia Beach, where we toured the waterfront before making our way down to the baseball diamond for the big reveal!

When we arrived to the diamond, we noticed right away that people everyone (!!!), had dressed up in either pink or blue clothing!!

Team girl, or team boy…which would it be??…

Softball gender reveal party

Softball gender reveal party peanuts

Of course, I had to get a photo of these Amy Pinder Brides!!

And then it was time for the big reveal!!…

It’s a BOY!!!!!…is it too late to claim that I was on Team Blue???  ;)

It’s official!! A little ring bearer will be joining T+K in 2018, and we absolutely can’t wait to meet him!!

Congratulations, you two!! And thanks to everyone who helped plan this awesome party for Tyler, Krista and baby Tegano!!

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