t's easy to view New Years Eve as a blessing; a time to abandon bad habits, begin new mantras and to strive towards becoming a better, more refined person. It’s a time to reflect not only on the prospects for the New Year, but also on the accomplishments of the past. This year, as we crowded
hristmas. It's all you can hear, see and smell for two months leading up to the day, and for weeks you're left with feelings of anticipation. There's a huge lead up to the day and then slowly, and then all at once (like love in a John Green novel) Christmas is over. It's no secret how
k, I admit it…I'm an egosurfer…I find joy in searching my name on Google and seeing what results pop up…don't pretend you've never done it (and yes, Facebook counts!). My personal favourite is the time I found a tombstone with my full name on it; very spooky. As a business owner, I now have more legitimate reasons for plugging
’ve heard it a thousand times: The most important factor for small business success is establishing and maintaining a brand. Hearing this, I knew that branding was one of the first things I'd have to tackle when I started my photography business...but when it came time to establishing my brand I felt immediately lost. What exactly is a brand,
few months ago I got an e-mail from a client on the first day back from their honeymoon. She talked about her holiday and how amazing it was to be without Internet for the week, and I was admittedly envious of her escape from social media, texting and E-mails. A few weeks later, Shaun and
he day started off like most Thursdays. Shaun woke up first and quietly made breakfast in the kitchen, while I lay in bed waiting to hear the morning news on the radio. Hubbell lay beside me on Shaun's side of the bed, still warm from the night's sleep. Work that day was quiet but productive, and
hree years ago today, I met a stranger with curly brown hair. I was an undergraduate student at the University of Guelph, and working as a research assistant at the Ontario Veterinary College. My job that day was to train two new students to navigate the lab and to use our lab space for their own
arch; ahh that sweet time of year when Spring pokes its head out and we all get a bit of relief from winter. It's that warm reassurance that makes Spring my favourite season, even with the promise of slush and rain in the forecast…(Nothing tall rain boots can't fix!)…I'm also highly biased of course, because my birthday